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Investor Services

Why do we do the best flip in the market and what difference does it make?

Property Management Assistance

Everything is not a "cookie cutter" scenario. We've all seen the seminar approach and, frankly, it misses the mark. You can spot a seminar flip almost immediately: Minimal effort put in to the flip house to just get it on the market as fast as possible and it shows. The results are usually lightly profitable after calculating the amount of time the property spends on the market. 

Thinking through the flip from the beginning; determining proper colors, themes, etc. and putting in the effort to make a property set the standard in the marketplace can not only demand the higher selling price in its market it can also result in an extremely short listing period which commonly entertains multiple offers.  End result: The highest possible return on your investment in the shortest amount of time.  Our team specializes in this. Check out the video below and see the before and after walk through of the entire house. After that we should probably talk. 

  • Market Upgrades

     For new acquisitions and older inventory, used to maximize revenue, attract the optimum tenant pool and keep up with the marketplace while protecting your investment.

  • Make ready 

    For a quick once over in between tenants to get the property show and move-in ready. Minor repairs, cleaning, etc.  

  • Rehab

    For new acquisitions that were purchased as a flip either to hold and lease or rehab and sell or, in the unfortunate event of ungrateful tenants or natural disasters, to restore a property after severe neglect and damage. and with older inventory, used to maximize revenue, attract the optimum tenant pool or buyers and demand the current marketplace pricing while protecting your investment.

  • Maintenance/Emergency Maintenance

   We cover it all, for a general list of services offered please click here.

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