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Closets and Pantries

It is true that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses, that is a given but it is only just a part of the story. The rest of the story is that, in reality, a great pantry sells a kitchen and fantastic closet sells the master bathroom.  Either of them improve your home’s value when done thoughtfully.

Closets customized for individual needs 

Hidden walk in pantry
barn door pantry
Pantry with cabinets
pocket door pantry
Dream Pantry
great large family pantry

Does your pantry work for your family? Do you find yourself storing Costco or Sams bulk purchases in the garage? We design custom pantries that will not only fit your lifestyle but will also create pantry envy with everyone you know. Click here to schedule a free consultation to see how we can complete your kitchen.



We really enjoy making personalized and unique closets

Constitution master closet.jpg

Having a closet that fits you is so much better than trying to make a closet accommodate your needs when it really doesn't work. We design closets on a one by one basis for each individual. Always remember that the term "custom" should never include the words "modular" and "component" in the description. "Custom" means it was made for you personally. It starts with a personal consult and needs assessment which will generate a concept that allows you to manipulate. That turns into a final draft that you can still tweak until you approve. It can begin when you click here.

Available options are only limited where your imagination stops. The master closet in the photo above doubles as a safe room with a solid core door. The floor is heated. The drawers on the right side of the closet that gives the illusion n of extending the bath vanity into the closet are all cedar lined. The glass door full cabinets was actually a very last minute thought. The client wanted an area to sit down to tie shoe laces so it made sense to have shoe storage right there under the seat. Additionally we seamlessly added a hidden locking safe into the design. On the the shelves over the hanging rods are intentionally 18" deep because the standard 11" ones just aren't practical in a master closet.

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