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The BC Team Starting on the left Gabe, D

We focus on the small details with a vision of the big picture as opposed to working on the big picture assuming the small details will auto correct.  Using shortcuts is the easiest way to avoid small details. Our professionals are all experts in their prospective fields.


Kimberly Broussard is our designer and owner,  she is also a second generation recognized and licensed realtor (D magazine "Best in Real Estate 2018) and a  resident of Plano for over 20 years. David Maynard, our General Contractor,  came to North Texas in 1995 after serving  honorably for 8 years in the US Army. We support our veterans and our neighbors.


We provide you the tools you need to make your dreams turn into reality. From our General Contractor, our interior design team, our Project Manager to our experienced team leaders and crews we all work with each client at the participation level the client is most comfortable with.

The Team (from the left), David, Eric, Kim and Traci
Climate Controlled Custom Wine Built-in
LED lighting above the custom backsplash
Custom Vent Hood Install

BC Renovations was founded in 2012 by Kimberly Broussard because, as a realtor, she got very tired of clients asking her if she "knew a guy" who could do this or that and kept stumbling into unreliable, undependable and inconsistent subcontractors. Feeling a need to take control of her reputation and the frustration from having her clients being perfectly happy with the real estate transaction and then losing all confidence simply because of someone she referred created a need to provide dependable, professional and quality contractors.  Bringing in a skilled and experienced general contractor to BC Renovations provided immediate benefits for the real estate side of her business and an even greater impact on BC Renovations.

Our team provides everything from turn key services on investor flips, real time ROI project consultations for remodeling bathrooms, kitchens, closets, pantries and more, floorplan modifications not to mention honey-do’s and unique projects (man caves, wine cellars and even tree houses, yes - treehouses).

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